Basic Membership

For the investor that has the ability and time to monitor their investments on a daily basis or just feels confident in their own ability to exit the investment strategy for a given equity, TVF offers a Basic Membership subscription.

Basic Membership affords one the ability to see the recommendations made for a given month prior to the US Market open on the first calendar business day of that month. For the broad range of on-line clients, two equity investment models (Aggressive Growth and Income Producing) will be depicted for current trading. You will be able to review archived data for both TVF equity models as well as current and archived data for all other investment advice such as: Market Guidance, Asset Allocation, Equity Sector Research and Global Investment Research in the Members Area.


As a Basic Member, you will not be updated throughout the course of the month on any changes in investment advice until the first calendar business day of the following month.

Market Indices

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Premium Membership

For the investor that does not have the time to monitor their investments daily or just feels like they would like to be alerted, in real time, to any changes to the investment models during the course of the month, TVF offers a Premium  Membership subscription.

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Our founder has a BS in chemical engineering and is highly-advanced in mathematical modeling. He has been investing in the equiities market since 1986. Other firms are trying to lean away from directly aiding the retail investor while providing on-line tools that supposedly help him/her discover that next great investment. We view this approach as hands-off with little actual value to the end-user. We believe we provide a much better solution. 

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