The dynamics of the equities market are numerous and complex. Reviewed here are contributing factors such as market liquidity, stage of current and near-term economic cycles, market participation, present and near-term monetary policy as well as the viability of other investment alternatives.

Market Guidance is a unique section located at the very front of the Members Area. It provides a monthly overview of the key economic variables for the U.S. equities markets. Market liquidity and U.S. Monetary policy are key contributors to the inner workings of the U.S. equities market.

The Price of Oil and its Effect on Equities

In short: the lack of a direct correlation doesn't seem to phase those in the media from perpetrating the myth. The US economy is too complex an entity to expect one commodity to drive most business activity in a predictable direction. 

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Investor Relations

Who we are and what we provide to the retail investor is defined. If you seek an investing advantage through detailed analysis, you need look no further. There are few that have spent more time (since 1986) modeling the equities market than our founder.

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