How does one excel at anything? You either; A: Focus, in a conserted manner,  the talent that you were born with. B: Acquire talent over time through hard work and apply it. Or C: Happen to be born lucky and things just seem to fall into your lap. Actually, if you are best described by A or C, please don't waste another moment by reading the rest of this article. We like to spend our time focusing in on aiding those that might find they are best described by B.

Do you enjoy technical research? Do you enjoy the hunt for information? Do you excel in the field of mathematics? Do you enjoy the time it will take to be successfull at any of these? If your answer is no to any or all of the preceeding questions, you will need to rethink your endeavor into the field of equity investing on your own.

Maybe navigate over to the SELF-AWARENESS tab to gain a better understanding of your own desire and dedication to this. It doesn't mean you are without options. But, first we'd like to have you become more aware of how you would operate in this environment alone. If you find you can do that, we recommend exploring it. If you find you would like to become a TVF member, please navigate to the CLIENT SERVICES tab to become more familar with the options listed there.


An Incentive Program for the Individual

If you find that you are delighted with your subscription, the individual incentive program is probably a great idea for you. Refer your friends, family members and colleagues to The Verity Fund. You will receive a bonus of your choice when someone that you referred signs up for a subscription. 

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Investor Relations

Who we are and what we provide to the retail investor is defined. If you seek an investing advantage through detailed analysis, you need look no further. There are few that have spent more time (since 1986) modeling the equities market than our founder.

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