If you are just getting started in investing through a company 401K plan or you are self-employed and have decided it is time to contribute to an IRA, there is one characteristic that you all have in common: You are about to embark on a journey that favors the well-informed. There are many personal and behavorial qualities one needs to go along with this, but this, you will discover, is the KEY.

Knowledge is the KEY to everything. The equiites market is made up of many who operate on rumor. That is almost a no win situation. But knowledge (the KEY) alone will not unlock the door. For the lock to this door needs to be finessed.

In order to be continuously successful at ANYTHING in life, one needs to have a great deal of conviction. Because even if you are right, you may be early (See the movie: The Big Short). And if you are too early and right, you will still lose without conviction and the ability to HOLD or better yet, additionally buy through the time period by which you find yourself too early. If anyone reading this, fully engages this philosphy, you will be well on your way to being in much more command of your financial future than you previously thought possible.

The below graphic depicts what an initial $10k investment on January 1, 2016 would be as of July 31, 2020 (55 months).The Verity Fund performance is shown for both the conservative investment vehicle (the Income Producing Model) and the aggressive investment vehicle (the Aggressive Growth Model). If an individual investor felt compelled to take on more risk than the Income Producing Model has exhibited but less risk than that of the Aggressive Growth Model, he/she could select several of the highest-weighted equities in both of the models to experience a blended return. 

 The Verity Fund Performance vs U.S. Stock Market Indices

Strategic Equity Investing: How to Excel

How does one excel at anything? You either; A: Focus, in a conserted manner,  the talent that you were born with. B: Acquire talent over time through hard work and apply it. Or C: Happen to be born lucky and things just seem to fall into your lap. Actually, if you are best described by A or C, please don't waste another moment by reading the rest of this article. We like to spend our time focusing in on aiding those that might find they are best described by B.

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Investor Relations

Who we are and what we provide to the retail investor is defined. If you seek an investing advantage through detailed analysis, you need look no further. There are few that have spent more time (since 1986) modeling the equities market than our founder.

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