We have a passion for what we do. We thrill to the uncovering of information. Information that leads to successful investing. Our successful on-line business should do the same and lead to tremendous word of mouth. We have not dedicated a marketing budget for our on-line business. We believe in word-of-mouth and we don't plan on changing that formula for the on-line business model.

Our expertise lies in our analysis of the entire U.S. equity markets. We run equities continuously through our mathematical models. Our founder began his corporate experience in the Eastman Kodak Professional Photography Division's Research & Development Department. He spent a decade with Kodak and an additional seven years in corporate America. The Verity Fund was formed in 2002. If you are seeking to gain an advantage in your ability to successfully invest in U.S. equities, look no further.



Our Insight

Wall Street had 50 company recommendations for their take on APPLE stock prior to AAPL's announcement of earnings after the close of market on April 26, 2016. Of the 50 recommendations, 44 were BUYS. 4 were HOLDS and 2 were SELLS. Our models told us a different story. We recommended for the month of April and heading into earnings to short the stock at $108.99/share in our Income Producing Model. We covered the last day of April at $93.17/share.

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Most folks never realize why they are not more successful investors. Some blame the economy or at other times, maybe it was a bad tip. Most lay blame everywhere but at the focal point - oneself. Once you begin to realize how much a part you play in your own investing success, then and only then will you understand how to adapt yourself to the goals and objectives you have developed in your strategic initiative.

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