We have been around since 2002. We have gone through the mortgage/banking crisis. We have experienced all that the market has been in the last 18 years and thrived. To significantly out-perform this market you have to be dedicated to it. You have to have a passion for what you do. No one has more passion or is more in tune with what each client needs than our founder. He was raised by an elderly mother who was in her late 50's when he was still a child. He is old school at heart. He believes in taking care of the individual customer no matter how big, small or otherwise.

The identity of the company is that of our founder.

True story: In his last corporate job, he was recruited by a Japanese company looking for a chemical engineer to work in the great state of North Carolina as their new Manager of Product Development for the Americas. After having made the journey from Wisconsin and having been on the job for about eight weeks, the following story took place: He decided to visit the Product Development Laboratory one morning, and in so doing, had to pass through the Customer Service Department. In passing through the department, he could overhear conversations, even though he didn't want to as the customer service employees were in partitioned offices and conversations could be heard throughout the area.

As he walked through the area he overheard (let's call her) Mary speaking clearly: "What? Sorry. No reason to yell! That's the way it goes." He doubled back and stepped into Mary's cubicle and asked; "Excuse me Mary, is that a customer on the phone with you?" To which Mary turned to face him and from what he tells of the story, she looked at him as if he was trespassing, as he was not her boss (the Customer Service Manager). But, apparently she realized that although he was not her boss, he was actually higher up the management ladder and she responded with a reluctant: "Yes it is." He responded; "Could you transfer that call to my phone?" Mary: "You'd like to speak with them?" He responded; "Yes, please."

As he made his way to his office, subconsciously he was aware he had; 1. zero customer service training, 2. 8 weeks on the job and 3. No idea of the problem. But in his own words, "felt like he could make a difference" even under those circumstances. When he got to his office he answered the phone with his name and his title. It was a female customer who was beyond livid. The words she chose for him would have made a sailor proud. If anyone was observing him they would have presumed he was listening to "on hold" music because he did not react at all. When the customer finally stopped speaking, he spoke only these words: "I understand you probably think that you're in the wrong department and everything, but I want you to know that I was walking through Customer Service and overheard the conversation at this end." Customer response: "Yeah?" Founder: Yeah and I didn't like it!" "So, here's the good news. The good news is that although I only have two months on the job, I know almost everything there is to know, so go ahead and tell me what the problem is and watch how fast it disappears." 

The customer: "Oh, ok." Then she apparently proceeded to go off on a tangent and he responded with: "I can do some damage if you are specific. If you're vague, it is going to make this a lot harder than it should be." The customer: "Ok, we ordered 18 rolls of your XYZ product three weeks ago and we really could use 24 rolls now." To which he responded with: "You ordered 18 rolls three weeks ago? Where the hell is that?" The customer: "Well, you guys sent it to our California office and it wasn't supposed to go there and it was the wrong product that showed up anyway." Our founder: "Ok, where is the correct location?" The customer: "Gastonia." He responded with: "Not Gastonia, North Carolina?" To which she responded: "Yes!" He elaborated on the logistical side of the business and promised that the customer would have their product by early evening as all local shipments that leave the plant by 3PM on any given business day, are guarenteed to be delivered by 7PM that same evening. He told her if she had any problems in the future to give him a call on his direct line and that "as long as he worked there, he would always take care of her, but to do him a favor; not to call him first, but rather to call Customer Service as there was a supposed reason why they were called that. He also was specific about his apology. Apologizing that our Customer Service staff should be operating from an escalation procedure and if there did not exist one, he would handle it himself. "But for today, today you are all set, goodbye." The phone call lasted about six minutes.

He handed off expediting the order to a subordinate (chemical engineer as well) and went back after lunch to check up on the progress. After walking with his subordinate and the inside sales guy into the Production staff offices, the Production Manager stated; "You guys are all set." Our founder: "What does that mean?" Production Manager: "It is on the schedule for next week." After being promised that Production was now aware of the urgency a few minutes later and there was no need to worry further our founder exited the Production offices. 

Cut to 5:45PM and our founder made his way to the laboratory to find his engineer and asked him if the order had been shipped. ChE: "I think Production started it, but I am not sure if they completed it as the Production Manager had to leave early due to an illness." Our founder verified shortly thereafter that the order was never completed, because it was not even started." He decided then and there to grab a production staffer on the shop floor and after covering his suit with overalls, he went out onto a high speed slitter with the production staff member and produced the 24 rolls of the product the order called for in about half the time it would have taken the production worker alone to produce. He ended up personnally driving the order 46 miles to the cusotmer's location before finally heading home that night.

He has always had great empathy for clients, co-workers and people in general.

What We Do

We have a passion for what we do. We thrill to the uncovering of information. Information that leads to successful investing. Our successful on-line business should do the same and lead to tremendous word of mouth. We have not dedicated a marketing budget for our on-line business. We believe in word-of-mouth and we don't plan on changing that formula for the on-line business model.

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Most folks never realize why they are not more successful investors. Some blame the economy or at other times, maybe it was a bad tip. Most lay blame everywhere but at the focal point - oneself. Once you begin to realize how much a part you play in your own investing success, then and only then will you understand how to adapt yourself to the goals and objectives you have developed in your strategic initiative.

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