Our founder was at home in the laboratory. His first job was as a research engineer at Eastman Kodak in the Professional Photography Division located in Rochester, NY. Six months into that R&D job, he was asked if he wouldn't mind going over to the manufacturing side to get "a little real world experience" as it was explained to him that too many of his older R&D colleagues had "no practical understanding of how the real world operated."

This is the basis for applied research. Research not for academic or theoritical reasoning, but for practical matters. In the real world of investing, the researcher could care less about rumors and focuses in on what the data is telling him/her. Verification procedures are in place and are conducted prior to initiating any action based upon the original findings. 

Big Data Analytics

Our founder began running what is now referred to as big data analytics 33 years ago. The most beneficial aspects of this type of analysis are; speed, efficiency and above all, truth. The company's name, The Verity Fund, originates from the definition of the word verity: the state or quality of being true, accordance with fact or reality.

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