Our founder began running what is now referred to as big data analytics 33 years ago. The most beneficial aspects of this type of analysis are; speed, efficiency and above all, truth. The company's name, The Verity Fund, originates from the definition of the word verity: the state or quality of being true, accordance with fact or reality.

Let's face it, investing comes down to knowledge and speed. With high frequency trading (HFT) as an obstacle, the odds are stacked against the retail investor if everything else were equal. Fortunately, everything is not equal. We believe we have a clear advantage on the knowledge side, which in the end, trumps milliseconds of a speed differential on the execution side of the trade.

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We have extensive knowledge of databases. We utilize best engineering practices from addressing continuous integration, handling/logging errors and knowledge of database administration. The data technican is responsible for maintaining of the integrity of the database.

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Welcome to a monthly TVF review of the markets. From a detailed listing of specific equity recommendations for both TVF mathematical models; Aggressive Growth and Income Producing to overviews of Asset Allocation, Equity Sector and Global Investment mathematical models. The retail investor will find all the resources needed to afford them the advantage that they have been seeking all along. The Members Area is the exclusive home for both Basic and Premium TVF subscribers.

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