To manage one's wealth successfully, one needs to understand the overall objectives as well as the individual hinderances (whether they be personal, family or work related) that at times, will get in the way. If you take the approach that things are destined to try and get in the way of managing your wealth, you will carry that resolve through many of those previously unidentified issues.

If you learn one thing from the free side of this site, to be a more thoughtful investor, then we will have done our overall job for you. If you are more aware of yourself and your investing options you will have taking a GIANT positive step in the right direction.

Try to think of yourself as a strong river. A strong river by definition possesses a strong current. A river with this characteristic most likely is fed contributing water continously by various streams along its own path. To build true wealth, one needs various streams of income contributing to the overall well-being, in this case of you.

You will need to dedicate yourself to the understanding of how to go about this. In any case, it will require a plan....a strategic initiative if you'd like. 


In Focus: Your Strategic Initiative

Do you have a piece of paper? Good, let's get started. Strategic initiatives are the means through which a vision is translated into everyday practice.

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Client Services

Our goal is to provide outstanding advice to the retail investor through mathematical modeling of the equities market. We summarize the hundreds of hours each month of analysis into equity investing models: Aggressive Growth and Income Producing. Both models are available through an on-line subscription to Basic and Premium members. You have been seeking an investing advantage. Here it is.

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