You're the father that wants his daughter to grow up with all the advantages he didn't have. You're the single mom struggling to find money at the end of the month to put towards a child's college education. You're the single guy that thinks of today and not of tomorrow. You're the elderly widow that no longer receives much of any fixed income interest to help pay her monthly bills.

We all share the same goals. We all want to succeed. We all want to see are kids succeed. We just are not taught especially well by anyone along the way. And then life happens and we wonder why we have felt confused at times by all of it. It really doesn't seem like it should be that complicated. Does it?

What You Do

If you are like most folks, you react after-the-fact. Most folks do not initiate a game plan for life, they just live it. You hear about a great investment. You react, you invest and then you wonder what happened days, weeks and months later. It doesn't occur to you that an investment is only really a great investment if you know long before other potential investors are informed.  

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Client Services

Our goal is to provide outstanding advice to the retail investor through mathematical modeling of the equities market. We summarize the hundreds of hours each month of analysis into equity investing models: Aggressive Growth and Income Producing. Both models are available through an on-line subscription to Basic and Premium members. You have been seeking an investing advantage. Here it is.

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