One of the easiest ways to solve any problem is to grab a piece of paper and sit down at the kitchen table and write out what your objectives are. 

Next include a timeline associated with these objectives. Finally, fill in the known and the possible obstacles to these objectives. As you stare at this single piece of paper, one thing should come to mind....A plan.

This is the single best thing, anyone can do for themselves. Make a plan and be dedicated to seeing it through those known and possible obstacles. 

That being said; What are your investment objectives TODAY, TOMORROW and the forseeable future?

That's right, grab that piece of paper and sit down at the kitchen table and write it all

Defining Your Risk Tolerance

Somewhat similar to Defining Your Objectives, Defining Your Risk Tolerance requires one to look within. Try to do what others seem to miss. Try asking yourself this question: "If I invest in this/these stock(s), how will my mood, life, day-to-day activities be affected if it/they do poorly for whatever reason?"

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Client Services

Our goal is to provide outstanding advice to the retail investor through mathematical modeling of the equities market. We summarize the hundreds of hours each month of analysis into equity investing models: Aggressive Growth and Income Producing. Both models are available through an on-line subscription to Basic and Premium members. You have been seeking an investing advantage. Here it is.

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